Booking services with the best hotel prices. Research 2019

August 13, 2019

Americans often prefer to vacation in their own country. If the opportunity arises to travel abroad, then the most popular destination in Mexico, which can be reached by car, bus or plane. We analyzed hotel booking services to choose the best one in 2019.

Let’s consider one of the most popular resort areas – Cancn. For the comparison to be correct, we will consider 10 days stay for a double room on a specific date. The cost of the booking is indicated in US dollars.

Hotel prices

Name of service/hotel

Motel Costa


Hotel Kavia


Casa Maraf Hotel Boutique – Adults Only

Agoda US $200,64 US $331,3 US $666,58
Goibibo Hotels US $605,72 US $1002,6 US $1904,76 US $200,15 US $868,65 US $665,12 and Agoda offer the cheapest booking for a 3-star hotel. If you book Motel Costa by using Goibibo Hotels, you will have to pay almost 3 times more than for the services of and Agoda.

Booking services with the best hotel prices 2019For a 5-star hotel, the situation is similar. and Agoda offer the cheapest accommodation prices.

When booking a 4-star hotel, the situation is different. The leader here is the Agoda service. The booking through the Goibibo Hotels service will cost almost 3 times more expensive. offers average booking prices. At the same time, offers 5-star hotel rooms cheaper than 4-star hotel accommodation.

Agoda offers interesting functionality and guarantees a low price. If you find a similar hotel room at a cheaper price, then the service guarantees a return on the cost difference.

Service name Hotel room booking Different housing types Search filters Cancellation Online payment Number of options (approx)
Agoda + - + + + 51 000
Goibibo Hotels + - + + - 46 000
Uniplaces - + + + + 35 000
Hotelopia + - + + + 31 000 + + + + + 50 000 - + - + +/- 36 000
Airbnb - + + + + 28 000

The number of offers varies depending on the season. It is better to book hotels in advance. With early booking, you can save up to 20% of the original price. At the end of the tourist season, there is a decline in prices. Many hotels offer good discounts. That applies to the period when there is a low season.

Uniplaces offers very interesting functionality. It aims to find housing for students. The user needs to choose a city or an educational institution. The cost of rental housing is indicated per month. The cheapest apartments are available from $580 for the booking per month for accommodation in Berlin. Conveniently, the lessor receives money only after checking in. Therefore, using this service is as safe as possible. You can book a house or apartment in advance!

It will not be possible to arrange a trip to Mexico using the because the portal specializes in booking hostels in Europe. With it, you can explore the surroundings of Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, and other popular European cities. Most often, Americans visit Paris and London. These areas are considered the most favorite. Flights to these destinations are quite expensive. Therefore, you can save on booking a hostel. The booking price is from US $32 per day. If you stay in a hostel, the price starts at US $22.40 per day.

Airbnb service allows you to book any type of housing in Cancún. The user can choose a separate room, the entire apartment, a boutique hotel, or unique housing. The cost of room booking starts at US $132 per day. Renting an apartment entirely will cost more – from US $171 per day. For the rental of unique housing, you will have to pay from US $300 per day.

Hotelopia has no hotels selected by us. But at the same time, it will be possible to organize an independent trip to Cancún. The cost of booking three-star hotels starts from US $325 for 10 nights in a double room. You will have to pay from US $571 for the reservation of four-star hotels. Booking a room in a 5-star hotel will cost from US $727,87.

Modern services offer a lot of interesting booking offers. Therefore, it will be possible to find the optimal choice for yourself.




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