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    About FinanzMe

    FinanzMeĀ payday loansĀ is a licensedĀ online direct lenderĀ and an American company owned, located and operated in the US.Ā A Payday Loan is also named Cash Advance, Payday Advance, Short Term Loan or Deferred Deposit Transaction, depending on the state.

    Terms and conditions

    Payday provides short term loans from $50 to $1000 for your emergency needs that gives you an opportunity to solve a temporary difficult financial situation. The reason of your short term loan are not asked. Should you have an emergency need of money quickly to pay your rent, your mortgage, your car loan, your car repair, your medical bill, your insurance, your cable bill, your TV, your trip ticket, your phone, your groceries, your birthday gift, your gas, etc., Payday Loan service is ready for you. They want you to avoid any default with your bank or your creditor and avoid their fees. Itā€™s different and cheaper than competition and traditional payday lenders. Total fees depend on the number of days that you keep the money, which gives you control of your loan and how much it will cost you. Fast cash advance is completely unsecured: they don't ask for any collateral to secure the loan.

    The process

    The online application process is quick and easy. Enter all your detailed information, including your contact information, income information, bank account information and a reference and you're all set. Youā€™ll get an answer in just a few minutes after you complete it, while you're still on website. Once your application has been accepted, Payday creates a customer account for you, with which you complete the process online by placing the order and signing electronically a contract. On the agreed payment date, they withdraw the borrowed amount with the fees from your account. The money will be directly deposited into your bank account on the next business day.


    There are no hidden fees at Payday Loan. The per-day pricing is cheaper and they charge only a single daily fee with any successful payment. This payday loans are different than traditional payday lending: fees depend on the amount you want to borrow and on the number of days. They charge an additional fee only if your payment fails on the due date. Credit scores Your credit score will not be used for accepting your application. Payday verifies your information and your ability to repay against national, state and local data, including banks, employers, etc. This means that all credit scores can qualify.

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    (05/23/2017 08:16 AM)
    I appreciate that thereā€™s no need in describing your life story and the whole situation you have, only the most general information about yourself is required. I got the funds, as was promised ā€“ fast, without any delays.
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    (05/15/2017 05:46 AM)
    I was hoping to get money quickly ā€“ instead Iā€™d just wasted my time awaiting the answer, was I approved for a loan or not. Donā€™t count on this lender and better choose some well-known company to borrow money.
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    (05/12/2017 04:04 AM)
    Got cash advance from them very quickly, right on next day after applying online request. That would be ideal for those who donā€™t like to fill out lots of papers.
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