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Student credit cards are specially designed for college students who want to start managing their own personal finances. Student cards have minimum requirements for the applicants and offer students an opportunity to start building their credit history. Check out the best student credit card offers from the most reputable lenders by filling in the fields below.
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When you are in college it is good time to start building your credit history, which you will later need for renting an apartment, taking out a car loan or getting approved for a mortgage. If you are a college student with little or no credit history, it might be challenging to qualify for a standard credit card, but fortunately there are student credit cards created specially for you.

When you start searching for the best credit card for students, make sure that you are fully aware of the credit card terms because clear understanding of the policies is the key to making a good choice. For instance, it is crucial to know how you will deal with the credit card balance. If you are confident about paying your credit card bills in full each month, then you will appreciate a student discount card that will offer you discounts on gas, restaurant purchases, and many other things. But keep in mind that holding balance on this credit card will result in high interests that far outweigh its benefits. On the other hand, a simple low-interest student card with no rewards will allow you to carry balance without overpaying.

To qualify for a student card you have to be a college student of at least 18 years old and have a source of income that will enable you to pay your credit card bills. In some cases you may be required to have a cosigner that is usually a family member or a close friend who will be equally responsible for the debts incurred.

A student card may have not such exciting terms as other credit cards, but it is a great start for learning to manage your personal finances and a big step towards receiving the benefits later. Remember that your future credit score will depend on the everyday choices you make now. So, carefully plan your budget, avoid buying things you can't afford, make all payments on time, and it will ensure you a good credit history. Use our credit card finder to see the leading student card offers with different interest rates, rewards and discounts best suited for you.