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    IndyLend - Personal Loans
    Min Credit Score
    $ 5 000
    Loan Amount
    1 Month
    Term of Loan
  • IndyLend USA

    • Need money but you don’t want to waste time visiting different banks? IndyLend is a good option if you need $200 - $5,000 right now.
    • Make your request fast
    • The process is simple and secure, and it’s done 100% online
    • It’s a straightforward process, without hidden fees

    How does Indy Lend work?

    It’s very simple! To get your installment loan, you just need to follow these 3 steps:

    1. Submit your request online, the process will take only few minutes
    2. Check the offers available. You’ll see a list of available loans just for you, and you’ll have to choose one option.
    3. Agree with the loan terms and you’ll receive the money!

    IndyLend loan requirements

    In order to submit an application successfully, you have to:

    • Legally reside in the United States;
    • Be 18 years old or older;
    • Have a stable source of income;
    • Have a bank account with direct deposit.
    • You are not from Arkansas, New York, Vermont nor West Virginia
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    Kathryn Holloway
    (05/14/2022 10:09 AM)
    Very professional
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    Scott Brown
    (01/08/2022 07:12 PM)
    The process only took a couple of hours
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    Scott Mann
    (10/21/2021 06:06 AM)
    Very fast to answer and good interest rate
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