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    Blue Trust Loans payday loan
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    Loans from Blue Trust Loans are repaid in installments, rather than being paid back in full upon your next payroll check. You may be approved for an alternative payday loan up to $1,250, which they can deposit into your checking account as soon as one business day. Blue Trust Loans’ customers in good standing have special benefits from the lender.


    Blue Trust Loans’ customer should be US citizen at least 18 years old who isn’t a debtor in a bankruptcy case and has the ability to provide a verifiable source of income deposited into checking account. Blue Trust Loans’ borrower should have an open checking account with minimum opened duration of requirements. A take-home pay also has to meet minimum income requirements. Interest Annual Percentage Rate is from 471.7846% to 841.4532% depending on the duration of the loan and the loan origination fees.

    Types of loans

    1. Payday loan helps to borrow money fast.
    2. Installment loan has been created as an alternative to regular payday loans because of simplified repayment schedule that doesn't require borrower to cough up a huge lump sum immediately. This loan has flexible repayment options, it’s easy to apply and provides fast funding. Short term installment loans from Blue Trust Loans are readily available online. There’s the option to repay the loan early and save on interest, or to carry out a set number of payments for the life of the loan. The eligibility requirements to installment loans are normally very basic and only require borrower to be employed, have a valid Social Security number and have an active checking account. With installment loans lenders assume a greater risk by lending to customers without requiring any collateral so they tend to carry a much higher APR than you'd normally get from a commercial bank. Installment loans are not designed to be extended with an additional fee if the loan cannot be repaid all at once and provide borrowers with a fixed set of affordable payments making it easier to afford paying of the loan without getting trapped in an endless cycle of debt by only "extending" payments.
    3. Advance loan is a fast funding, without collateral and with an easy online application process.
    4. Cash loan is very convenient and confidential way to get a loan from Blue Trust Loans. It provides fast funding (on the next business day already) and an easy approval process with minimal eligibility requirements which include being gainfully employed, as well as having a valid Social Security number and an active checking account to receive funds and make payments.
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    (06/16/2017 04:28 AM)

    I have some experience with borrowing money from lenders and I can recommend Blue Trust as one of the best. They have transparent conditions and remarkable rates provided by professional and qualified services. You can rely on them with all confidence.

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    (05/27/2017 08:56 AM)

    They denied me a loan for absolutely no reason! I complained about this decision, but it didn’t give any results. I’ll never return to them again and do not advise anyone to have something in common with Blue Trust Loans, because they have some high requirements for borrowers.

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    (05/24/2017 05:47 AM)

    They provide good conditions with the installment loans. Nice combination of acceptable fees and quick services, I’ve already recommended Blue Trust Loans to my friends and relatives.

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    (05/21/2017 11:08 AM)

    The fees are high, avoid to fall into a debt hole from this company. Do not led on their attractive lending conditions, it's all a big lie. Once you start to borrow money from lenders, you’ll never end.

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    (04/28/2017 02:31 AM)

    I found Blue Trust site and was completely satisfied by the conditions they provide. Highly recommend if you need some extra cash, no one is insured from situation when family or friends can’t help you with that.

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