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    • Website: goldmansachs.com
    • Address: 200 West Street, 29th Floor New York, NY 10282 USA
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    Goldman Sachs Bank USA is a branch of the famous Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., specializing in financial services both to individual and corporate clients worldwide.

    Its endless list of banking products and services together with ultimate customer service can satisfy the financial needs even of the most meticulous and picky customers.

    • Attractive & competitive rates
    • No transaction fees
    • Access to your funds by a mouse click within few minutes
    • Easy management of your assets from any place of the world
    • Various of investment options and risk management
    • Customer support, supervised by the best specialists in the field
    • FDIC insurance automatically assigned for all depositors

    This and variety of other services rank Goldman Sachs Bank on the top 10 of the customersā€™ choice.

    The bank works with both corporate and individual clients, offering number of deposit services, personal loans and residential mortgages, taking care of customer's cash flow needs and strategic investments.Ā 
    Needless to say that managing your accounts from the comfort of your home or office is no longer a privilege, but opening one within a reliable and trustworthy bank just by a mouse click can still be an issue.Ā 
    The GS Bank is proud of its Online Saving services that allow you to calculate your personal saving goals whether they are short- or long-term and match them either with Online Saving account or Certificate of Deposit. All is up to your personal choice. In both cases you will get the maximum possible interest comparing to the competitors rates:
    1,04 % annual if you go with Online Saving or 2,03 % annual if the Certificate of Deposit is your choice.

    Online Savings:

    • 1,05 % APY;
    • No minimum deposit is required;
    • Easy transactions between accounts linked in Online Banking;
    • Interest compounded daily, paid monthly;
    • Unlimited phone access to account balances

    * Please note, there is a limit of $125,000 for online withdrawals per transaction. However, feel free to call us if you need a bigger amount.

    Certificates of Deposits (from 6 month to 6 years):

    • 2,05 % AP;
    • $500 minimum deposit is needed with guaranteed 10 days CD rate;
    • Easy transactions between accounts linked in Online Banking;
    • Unlimited phone access to account balances;
    • Just a phone call distance to your monthly interest disbursement.

    To open an account, apart from picking a desirable one you will need:Ā 

    • Social Security Number;
    • Valid email and postal address;
    • 18+ years old.
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    (05/05/2017 04:03 AM)
    Getting a loan went perfectly. Secure bank with a worldwide reputation, the staff is very responsive and attentive. Iā€™m going to recommend Goldman Sachsā€™s services to friends and family
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