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Credit cards with 0% APR allow you to make big purchases without paying interest charges for as long as 18 months. Take advantage of saving on interests by applying for 0% APR credit card today. View full details of various credit card offers with our free customized tool below.
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Helping to save more money

A credit card with 0% APR may be a life saving tool if you plan to make a big purchase and need time to pay off your debt. There is a wide variety of credit cards offering 0% interest period for 6-18 months that you could use for consolidating your debt, buying a substantial item or covering business expenses. But before you agree with these favorable terms, consider the following aspects related to the interest free credit cards.

Your credit score is subject to continuous changing, so even if you receive a notice from a bank about your pre-approved 0% purchase APR credit card, by the time you actually apply for it, the bank’s decision may change basing on your current score. Besides, if you get a credit card and your score deteriorates during an introductory period, after the end of it you will be faced with extortionate interests.

Choose carefully

The rewards offered by 0% interest credit cards may instigate you to spend more in order to receive these bonuses. In case you don't pay the balance in time, you risk to get stuck with a growing debt and accrued interests.

Find out what the interest rate will be after the intro period expires as it is almost certain that the interest fee will soar to the level higher than normal credit cards would have. So, make sure you will pay off your outstanding balance by the end of an intro period, otherwise it will make matters even worse.

Think twice before you change the card

The idea of closing a credit card when the interest free period expires is not as great as it sounds. Every time you apply for a new credit card your score gets a hit, and the credit limit available to you reduces, while accumulated debt remains outstanding.

0% interest credit cards can either help you to improve your financial situation or trap you in a cycle of debt. So, be careful to avoid possible mistakes, pay off your debt during no-fee period, and you will be able to skip on interests and save your money. For more details, see Mike Credit's pick for the best credit cards with 0% APR intro period and choose the right one for you.