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    2500-CashLender Payday Loans
    Min Credit Score
    $ 2 500
    Loan Amount
    22 Month
    Term of Loan
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    About 2500-CashLender

    The 2500-CashLender.com web site is and online platform helping U.S.-based short-term borrowers and their potential lenders find each other and issue loans quickly and easily. The service is run by Georgia-based JMD Media Group, registered in 2014.

    2500-CashLender.com deals both with installment and payday loans. You may ask for up to $2500 for long-term and up to $1000 till payday. Occasionally, the list of states, where partner lenders operate can be adjusted. By filling in a small form on the web site home page you can quickly check whether borrowing through 2500-CashLender.com is available in your area.

    This service was designed to help citizens finance daily needs such as utility bills, car repairs or medical spendings. It is useful for those who need to get cash quickly and repay it quickly. The company is not directly involved in credit agreement and reminds that each payday loan borrowerhas the right to receive full written disclosure of all fees and terms regarding the payday advance.

    Pros of using 2500-CashLender

    1. Fast approval: creditor will contact potential customer in as fast as 90 seconds from the time of application submission;

    2. It only takes few seconds to fill in three columns and start application process: type of loan, desired sum and a zip code;

    3. The service is installed with reliable security system to protect personal data from intruders;

    4. Applicants have the chance to cancel a payday loan, at no cost, within 24 hours after accepting money.

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