The right mortgage choice is crucial for your personal budget. Mike Credit selected the top home loan programs to make sure you will pick a repayment plan that will perfectly work for you. Browse up-to-date interest rates for 15, 20 or 30-year fixed, 5/1 ARM and other mortgage products from reputable lenders.
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Mike Credit mortgage rates

Mortgage is an financial instrument, that can improve your life standarts. The great majority of people find it difficult to buy a home without a mortgage. While purchasing real estate is an exciting milestone and one of the biggest acquisitions in life, only few people manage to continuously save vast amounts of money in order to pay a lump sum for a home. Fortunately, there is a great number of lending services offering a whole range of home loans that are best suited for you, and we can help you to compare them.

How to make the best mortgage choice

Types of mortgage loans

With all variety of mortgage financial services offered nowadays on the market, it may be confusing to decide which mortgage choice is right for you, and therefore it is crucial to be well informed about your options. Having weighed the pros and cons, you may want to choose a fixed-rate mortgage with the steady payment amounts for the the entire term of the loan or an adjustable-rate mortgage with the interest rate changing at some point in the future. Mortgages for bad credit, also known as sub-prime mortgages, are offered to home buyers with low credit ratings. Finally, you can refinance your home loan if you find a better deal.

Advantages of mortgage

Although a mortgage loan involves taking on a large long-term debt with additional fees and extra charges, it has certain advantages that are worth going for it. First of all, mortgage interest rates are normally lower than in other lending products as a home loan is secured against your property. Secondly, repaying debt in small installments every month is easier and more affordable than getting together the whole amount at once. At last, you will have certain tax advantages (consult your mortgage broker) that is also a major argument in favor of getting a mortgage.

Mortgage terms, conditions and monthly payments

Whether you want to buy your first home, go for a house conditions improvement or refinance your mortgage, with Mike Credit you will find all types of mortgages, including mortgages for bad credit, with different terms, fee rates and repayment periods depending on your individual financial circumstances and goals. Just use our mortgage help guide and search filters to narrow down your search results and choose what is perfect for you.