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If you plan to pay down your mortgage fast and save on interests, then a 10-year fixed-rate mortgage is your best home financing option. Use Mike Credit mortgage calculator below to see the current interest rates for a 10-year fixed and discover estimated monthly payments you may have with different mortgage plans.
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Fixed rate mortgages

There are many reasons to choose a fixed-rate mortgage. A fixed interest rate means that you are protected from any sudden increase of monthly payments that could threaten your financial stability. In times of economic fluctuations a fixed rate allows you to sleep well not worrying about how high your interest will be tomorrow. Finally, a fixed rate enables you to plan months and years ahead of you, which helps to effectively manage your budget and better organize your life. Financial experts suggest that the best scenario for securing a fixed-rate mortgage is when the interest rates are low but forecasted to grow.

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There is a variety of fixed-rate mortgages to choose from. When you compare a 10, 20 or 30-year mortgage plans, keep in mind that a longer-term loan is always more expensive. Although small monthly payments offered by long-term mortgages are comfortable for the borrower and easier to handle compared to the larger installments, the total cost of such loan will be significantly higher. So, if you can afford a 10-year fixed mortgage, you should decisively go for it.

Reasons to choose 10-year fixed

10-year fixed mortgages are not the most common fixed-rate home loan, but they have been gaining more popularity recently. Their major advantage is that 10-year mortgage rates are lower when compared to a 15, 20 or 30-year loan, and since the indebtedness will be paid off in only 10 years, it will save you thousands in interest and will allow to build home equity more rapidly. However, the main disadvantage of a 10-year fixed is very high monthly payments which could prevent you from making investments or saving money for emergencies, such as a sudden job loss or an unexpected medical bill.

It is also worth noting that to qualify for a 10-year fixed mortgage you will probably have to comply with more stringent requirements from the lender because the monthly payments are much higher compared to other loans.

Use Mike Credit comparison tool to find the best 10-year fixed mortgage plans and choose the one that perfectly suits your home financing demands.