How to book the cheapest flights?

August 12, 2019

Residents of the United States often prefer to travel within their own country. The most common route from New York is a trip to San Francisco. In a year, about 16 thousand flights are made in this direction.

How to book the cheapest flightsIf Americans still manage to get abroad, then they choose a favorite destination of New York-Paris. Flights in this direction are the most loaded. The average passenger traffic varies within 1.4 million people.

You can use special services to find the cheapest tickets for the plane, train or bus. For comparison, let’s consider the cost of economy class tickets for a specific date for 1 tourist. The cost is in US dollars.

Company name Total airfare, New York – San Francisco, $ Total Airfare, New York –  Paris, $ Car rental per day, $ 126,45 295,35 -
Jetradar 220 328 -
Omio 118 358 -
Alamo - - 30
Hotwire 234 377 26
Priceline 119 359 49
Skyscanner 131 380,18 58,18
OneTwoTrip 116,20 328,26 -

Omio offers the cheapest airline tickets among domestic airlines. Priceline is in second place. The difference between the tickets price for these two companies is only $1. OneTwoTrip is in third place.

The air tickets price for New York – Paris is much higher. That is reasonable because this flight will take an extra 8 hours. offers the cheapest flights in an international direction. Jetradar and OneTwoTrip are in second place. The difference in the options offered by these services is only 26 cents. If you want to save on the purchase of airline tickets, then it is better to book a couple of months before the date of the expected departure. In this case, it will be possible to save from 30 to 60% of the initial tickets price.

It is possible to get from New York to San Francisco by car. That is why many travelers rent a car. Hotwire offers the cheapest rental price and Alamo which is a bit more expensive. Skyscanner is in third place. Although Hotwire offers cheap car rental, its price for air tickets is one of the highest. This is because the company specializes in the rental business and so far has few partners offering air tickets.

Now consider the functionality of services.

Service company Mobile app Calendar with ticket prices Hotel booking Customer support Car rental Insurance + + + + - -
Jetradar + - + - + -
Omio + - - + - -
Alamo + - - - + +
Hotwire - + + + - - - - - - + +
Priceline + - + + + -
Skyscanner + - + + + -
OneTwoTrip + - + + + -

If you are not satisfied with the proposed directions, then you can set the search parameters yourself. Many Americans dream of going to Las Vegas. Here you can quickly get married, play in a casino, visit numerous bars. will help you plan your trip. With its help, you can book hotel rooms, buy tickets, rent transport and much more. has quite an interesting functionality. With its help, you can quickly choose tickets for the date of interest. The user can scroll through the calendar to specify the price of tickets for other months. The booking process is very simple. There are many ways to pay.

Jetradar allows you to quickly determine the date of travel. On the calendar, when you select the date, the cost of the flight is displayed.

Hotwire helps you plan your trip from start to finish. With its help, you can not only buy flights but also rent a car. The mobile app works under different operating systems.

Alamo specializes in car rental. On the site, you can pick up cars of any type and brand.

Priceline seeks to offer customers the best prices on flights. If the client finds the cheaper offer, then the difference returns to him completely. You can also install the mobile app for different operating systems. You can use the whole service packages.

Skyscanner is popular all over the world. It helps to look for cheap flights, book hotel rooms, and rent a car.

OneTwoTrip is a comfortable service for the tickets booking and allows you to quickly find the right flights. On its page, there is a rating allowing evaluating the quality and comfort of the flight. The rating is made based on the analysis of statistics of delays, cancellations of a certain flight, and age of a flying aircraft.

Thanks to the Omio (GoEuro), you can quickly plan your travel route. The service allows purchasing train and busing tickets. Therefore, shortly, it will be possible for users to create complex routes and travel throughout the United States.

The will help to organize a transfer from the airport. The user can select a specific model and class of the car. On the official website, the cost of the service indicated is considered final and is not subject to change.



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